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Terms and Conditions

This agreement is for the protection of both you, our customer, and A1 Garage Door Service. We want our customers to fully understand any recommendations that we offer. Every customer has the right to accept or refuse all or part of our recommendation and/or receive a second opinion.

I understand that upon the completion of the authorized work, that I will pay A1 Garage Door Service’s immediately the Total Invoice amount.

I understand that the Parts Warranty covers the cost of the parts only and is still subject to our Standard Labor Rate (Currently $135) and Fuel Surcharge (Currently $12.95) and that these standard rates are subject to change without notice unless otherwise specified in writing.

I understand that warranties only cover parts that fail through normal wear and tear. Collisions, Acts of God, negligence, intentional damage or failure to maintenance and care for the garage door can result in damage will not be covered. To file a warranty claim call 844-214-2724 and ask to file a warranty claim – A1 Garage Door Service will start the process for you.

I understand that A1 Garage Door Service gives a 30 Day labor warranty on every sale and that after 30 days if a problem persists that I will be charged a service call fee ($62.95) to come out to assess the situation and that rate is subject to change without notice unless otherwise specified in writing.

I understand the A1 Garage Door Service Warranty is with the Purchasing Customer only and any warranty is not automatically transferable unless stating otherwise in writing.

I understand the minimum deposit I will deliver to A1 Garage Door Service for new door purchase is 50% of Total Invoice. After 3 business days, any cancellations by the Customer will result in 25% of Total Invoice Restocking and Cancellation fee.

A1 Garage Door Service requires a 50% deposit on all new door purchases. Outside of the 3 Day Right to Cancel Law, 100% of the deposit (50% of the total) will be nonrefundable. Any special-order door orders will not be placed until the 72 hour rule has passed. You may waive the “Three Day Right to Cancel” law and Alpha 1 Garage Door will immediately place your order to ensure a quicker installation date. Waiving your 3 Day Right to Cancel in no way impacts any written warranties associated with the purchase and installation of you new garage door.

I understand and agree that Customer shall pay a $35.00 charge for all checks returned from the bank unpaid for any reason. If such occurs,A1 Garage Door Service shall be entitled to demand and be paid in the form of a cashier’s check or money order. It is understood that in the event of default by the customer, under the terms of this agreement, the customer will be responsible for any and all collection fees or court costs along with reasonable attorney’s fees. Should litigation or arbitration be required to settle any claim arising from this agreement, the prevailing party in any dispute shall be awarded all their reasonable attorney fees and costs. Costs shall include without limitation, expert witness fees, fees paid to investigators, arbitration or court costs.

I understand that A1 Garage Door Service is not responsible for any future damages to my door that may result from not following the technician’s recommendations.

I understand that the technician is evaluating the garage door and opener at the time of inspection and a passing grade is no guarantee of the length of time a part will continue to be in proper working order.

I acknowledge and consent to a mandatory minimum service fee of $62.95 will be charged by A1 Garage Door Service for all service calls to align safety eyes, adjust force and travel settings on operators, and reprogram remotes/keypads.

I fully understand the explanation of work received/recommended and assume the responsibility to pay my invoice in full at completion of work. I also understand that my door will not work properly unless I repair all the problems the technician has recommended.

It has been explained to me and I understand that my operator may have been strained or worn due to unbalanced overhead garage door. The technician has informed me that there is no way to detect the longevity of my operator due to the possible strain. I understand that there is no guarantee or warranty on a strained/worn operator. I understand that the door and motor are separate entities and work on one does not guarantee the other will function correctly.

I acknowledge that does not warranty the operators that they sell but merely passes along the manufacturer’s warranty.  A1 Garage Door Service may facilitate manufacturer warranty issues (when possible) but will charge a service call for this courtesy. Please see manufacturer’s manual or website for more information about their warranties.

The total and complete release of liability with respects to all damage or costs associated to replacement, repair, or compensation of any kind is hereby requested by and granted to A1 Garage Door Service. This release pertains to any structural, physical, or property damage of any kind within the customer dwelling, garage, and/or property lines.

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Five Star Reviews

Great and personable service. Got the job done right away and I couldn't have been happier. Thanks A1!
Beth Leto
Extremely professional. I was e-mailed an image of the technician prior to arrival. With the image there was additional information about the tech including some likes and hobbies. Most importantly, he was very qualified, professional, and informative. He knew immediately how to fix the problem, proceeded to fix it, then inspected the other door and installed a new spring, (which needed to be fixed), all in a minimal amount of time. I would definately call A1 again without hesitation and request Kevin to come fix the problem.read more
Bill Lueders
Excellent and professional service and great prices!!! Highly recommend!!!
Samantha Pinizzotto
great service! great price! Really happy with our new garage door! Recommended
John Gonos
Called in because my spring had snapped as I was leaving for work yesterday, you can imagine the frustration of needing to call off work because my car was now trapped. Was immediately met with a pleasant good morning, no hold time, none of the normal games. They were able to have someone out to my house within the hour. Craig showed up at 9am sharp, I called in a little before 8am, clean and professional. After a short but pleasant conversation about similar incidents, he was able to quickly put together a reasonable quote, all while showing me exactly what he was looking at, for the spring replacement and cables, because mine were so rusted. Once everything was agreed upon, he promptly got to work and had my door fully functional again in a little over an hour. It was so quick and well done, I was able to still get in a half day at work! This will be the only company I use from now on, and if you want a job done well, and right, I suggest you use them too!read more
Trebor Doowre
This company has been super awesome and the customer service is outstanding. I spoke with Marlon originally about getting my door repaired and they sent out Robert as my technician. He quickly assessed the problem and gave me the various options and price points as well as fully explained his recommendations and why they were the best option. Getting your garage fixed is always going to be pricey but they're prices were more than reasonable and he took the time to explain everything to me and did a tremendous job. I would highly recommend this company for any garage door needs for their excellent service and professionalism.read more
Courtney Erwood
On a Sunday our garage door spring broke, I called A1 to get a quoteon a repair and was informed that the service technician would arrive between 11:30 am and 3pm. The service technician ( Craig) arrived within an hour, quickly assessed the problem and recommended replacing the barring and cables along with new springs. He said he didn't have the type of spring with him that had been quoted but a better spring with a 5 year guarantee.I agreed and he replaced and tested out the working of the door and all the components . He even offered me discount on the better springs keeping the cost down and reasonable. I would recommend A1 and Craig to anyone needing repairs on theirgarage door. On time thorough and superior service.John P.read more
John Pierce
A1 Garage is an awesome company. They are new to Tampa and very customer focused. The guys take their time and they work with you to get your repair or install done well. Their lifetime springs and membership are totally worth it. I have peace of mind for my garage door! Thank you A1 Garage!
Ashley Watson
My garage recently started opening and closing on its own, so I had to unplug it. I placed a call to this company and spoke to Marlon he was extremely helpful and able to get someone to my house the next day to tell me what I needed. It didn’t cost an arm and a leg and the install was quick and easy. If you’re looking for a reliable company and great customer service definitely give them a call and ask for Marlon!read more
Kimberly Watson

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